Using Free Blogging Platforms to Explode Your SEO Efforts

Charleston SEOAlthough the thought of making money online through blogging is very appealing, not everyone has enough resources to develop and maintain independent blogs. Making use of free blogging platforms is among the most popular ways for anyone who wants to make money blogging but is still unsure of how exactly they should go about content marketing. Free blogging platforms allow people to create their own hosted blogs without having to spend a dime and they rank especially well too. Such platforms also make tools and other resources available so that anyone who wants to start to make money out of blogging can do so easily without having to take any risks. Recently while working with one of our partner companies (onQsites) we had an opportunity to discuss with some of the top Charleston SEO experts on how to make blogging work for your business.

Apart from making it easier for people to create their own blogs, utilizing such free blogging platforms have the added benefit of easily getting indexed by search engines and instantly boosting your SEO. This is true most especially for free blogging platforms such as Blogger. Blogger is operated by Google and, for this reason, blogs that are created through it are indexed regularly. They quickly appear in SEO results pages and also become part of Google’s blog directory. Consequently, people who use them are not only able to set up their blogs easily but also gain traffic even when keeping internet marketing efforts to a minimum.

Free blogging platforms truly provide great convenience and a lot of other content marketing benefits to those who want to start to make money online. However, people cannot end their efforts there. While it is alright to start out with free blogging platforms, bloggers must move on to develop their own blog sites and host them through paid services once they have started to gain readership. This is important because internet users rarely see professionalism in free platforms and therefore do not often trust those developed and maintained through them.

Making use of free platforms is a great way to start experimenting with SEO in order to make money and to reach out to a target audience. This is especially true for those who are new to the world of blogging and want to familiarize themselves with the work required to make a blog successful. However, any blogger who has already gained some readership and have started to make money online should be sure to purchase their own domain names and engage the services of a professional web hosting company.

WordPress is easy to install on your own domain name, it is search engine friendly and has several content marketing plugins, Google Analytics plugins, and more. If you learn more about the SEO advantages of a content strategy, know how to use Google Keyword Tool to find high traffic keywords and target your categories, titles and SEO around this keywords and phrases, you will get more relevant traffic and make more money online!